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How to Define Your Target Audience

Here are 3 steps to define the target audience to create content for:

1. Define your ICP (Location, industry, company size, job title, experience level)

2. Identify ICP Desires & Emotions:

- What are their goals? How do they measure success?
- What are their problems and roadblocks to reaching their goals?
- What are their current activities? How are they currently going about solving their problem?
- What are their frustrations with their current activities and working practices?
- What are their desired activities? How would an ideal solution look to them?
- What are their fears? What happens if they don’t solve the problem in time? What keeps them up at night?
- What suspicions do they have? What do they need to believe that they yet don’t believe to be able to buy into your solution?

3. Message market fit

Language & terminology: How do your customers speak, what terminology do they regularly use? What language resonates with them?

Transformation: With the information you gathered in Step 2, what is the most concise and clear way to formulate how you transform your prospects from their current state to their desired state?

Don’t guess, talk to your current customers and prospects and ask them these questions. Take notes.

The better you understand your prospective buyers, the better you can tailor your content towards them.

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