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How to Develop Your Perspective

Here’s what you need for your content to cut through the noise:

A perspective.

A perspective is your personal take on the topics your prospects care about that make up your subject-matter expertise.

Note: You can’t “turn” yourself into a thought leader. You need to already have deep knowledge and experience in your field.

But just having knowledge isn’t enough - you need to present your insights in an interesting way, which is where having a perspective comes in.

Here are 2 frameworks to help you develop a perspective:

Framework I: Newness, relevancy, controversy

- How new is the insight to your target audience? How likely is it that they have heard it before?
- How relevant (useful) is the insight to your target audience?
- How controversial is your insight to your target audience? How strongly is it disagreeing with conventional wisdom or the general consensus?

Disclaimer: don’t create controversy for the sake of controversy, but pay attention to what beliefs, opinions, ideas you have that disagree with the consensus in your industry.

Framework II: Educational, entertaining, empowering (3 E’s)

- Educating someone means teaching them something.
- Entertaining someone means making them laugh.
- Empowering someone means making them feel like “they can do it too.”

Most people focus on educating in all their content.

Learn how to combine all three, and you’ll DOMINATE.


Show your personality. Share an anecdote, tell a joke. Don’t take yourself too seriously.


Give a tangible example of how someone implemented this and got results, someone similar to your target audience.

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