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How to Encourage Your Employees to Be Active on LinkedIn

Here are 3 ways Chris Walker encourages his employees to post on LinkedIn:

1️⃣ He does it regularly himself

So he attracts employees who believe posting content on LinkedIn is the new way of marketing. That's why they naturally want to do the same.

Although they don’t have an incentive program or revenue share program set up (at least last time he talked about it) for when they bring in customers by being active on the platform, they understand that they’re building their careers.

If you’re a VP of Demand Gen at Refine Labs and you post your lessons on Linkedin and build an audience of 10k followers, and at some point you get laid off or you wanna do something else, start your own company, you’re set.

So it’s a win-win because it drives revenue for Refine Labs and career growth for the employees who are posting.

2️⃣ He allows his team to experiment

So his employees aren’t bound to talk about “the corporate message”. Instead, they can talk about any topic.

For example, Sam Kuehnle does this thing called “Fitness Friday” where he posts some fitness related lesson because he loves fitness.

That’s a personal post to build rapport and add value from a different angle.

3️⃣ He offers internal resources and his time to his employees

So they not only have access to the best practices that Chris Walker follows, they can also seek his advice to improve their content strategy.

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