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How to Leverage Your Network on LinkedIn

You can’t leverage your LinkedIn network by sharing blog posts.

It's your face that creates credibility and shareability, not some anonymous company post.

Most established founders have a pretty good network, sometimes adding up to 100s, maybe 1,000s of people (former colleagues, other founders, partners, investors, advisors, business friends, etc.)

Usually, they are connected with them on LinkedIn. But often these contacts are just stale, sitting there.

If you're starting a new company, a new venture, you want to leverage this network.

These business friends and acquaintances might not be able to buy from you, but they probably know people who can.

So to get the word out to them, talk about exciting milestones and accomplishments: new funding rounds, new hires, newly opened offices, new partners, revenue milestones, etc.

I know this is nothing groundbreaking.

But most companies do this by having a content writer write a blog post, published by anonymous, “the company”.

I'm sorry to tell you, but your business friends and fellow founders won't share that. They have a connection to you, not to some anonymous company blog post.

➡️Here is what to do instead:

Create videos where you personally talk about the same things and post them on LinkedIn.

This is a different story. Because now it's YOU, the founder, the person they know, and not some PR piece written by your content writer.

Now, your contacts are more likely to grab the link, forward it to their contacts, and be like:

"Check out this 3 min video. I know this gal. They are working on something that I think might be relevant to you."

That way, you don't just leverage your network - but your network's network as well. And that's pretty powerful.

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