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How to Post on LinkedIn

How to start posting on LinkedIn? What should you post?

There are 3 types of content you can post:
- A pure text post
- A text post with an image attached to it
- A text post with a video attached to it

Which one should you go for?

The one that comes easiest to you: if you already have a video you recorded on your phone, post that.

But for most people, a text post is easiest because they don’t have to sit down, set up a camera, talk into the camera, edit, etc.

The character limit of LinkedIn is 3,000, so that’s the longest you can write. But you can make it much shorter. In general, make your post as short as possible – while still saying something.

➡️ What should you write about?

Write about something you’re interested. Because chances are, you’re not literally the only person in the world interested in it.

You can write about:

- A podcast you recently listened to and what you learned
- A book you liked and your takeaways
- A person you recently met that inspired you
- A new hobby you’re trying out and why
- A lesson you learned just by going through life

➡️ How should you write?

Write like you talk.

Don’t try to strategize how you can use certain words to sound fancy or use intelligent-sounding words that you wouldn’t use otherwise.

Once you’ve written your post, read it out loud to yourself. Check whether it sounds awkward or whether it sounds like you. Make some quick changes.

Then publish it. That’s it.

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