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How to Run Cost-Effective Marketing

As we’re heading into the recession, companies need a cost-effective way to run their marketing.

Currently in marketing, different activities and channels are often siloed within a company. Companies have:
- a Facebook Ad agency to run their Facebook Ads,
- a YouTube agency to run their YouTube channel,
- an SEO agency to write their blog posts and publish them on their website,
- an email marketing agency to run their email newsletter, etc.

Or they have a separate person in-house owning each of these tasks.

So each of these channels is siloed and essentially a separate cost item.

So to cut costs, marketing teams need to start thinking about repurposing.

This means: creating as much overlap as possible in your marketing efforts by looking at how you can repurpose the activities and content you’re already creating for different marketing channels.


If you already have a YouTube channel, you need to think about:
- How to recut and re-edit those videos for LinkedIn
- How to send out the best-performers in monthly email newsletters
- How to transcribe the video and turn it into a blog post

If you already have a blog, you need to think about:
- How to shorten it and turn one blog post into 2-3 LinkedIn text posts
- How to take out snippets that can become tweets
- How to turn it into video scripts around the topics you’ve already validated

➡️That’s what we try to do with our offer at @Project 33:

We create 8 videos per month with the founder or a leader from the company, where they share their subject matter expertise to position themselves as a thought leader within their field. But the point is not the videos.

Then we take those videos and use them in 4 different ways:

1. We publish them on their personal LinkedIn profile to grow their network and build relationships.

2. Then we repurpose them on their LinkedIn company page for the company to build followers and awareness.

3. Then we repurpose them a YouTube channel that we create and set up for customers, including YouTube SEO and tagging, so they are starting to rank over time.

4. Then we take the best-performing videos every two weeks, create an email newsletter around them, and send it to their email list.

So, with one activity, you already have 4 different marketing channels you’re servicing.

And now we’re building our Customer Resource Hub, which is already live, where we collect strategies that we’ve developed for ourselves about how the videos can be used even further.

Here are some of the step-by-step tutorials our customers can find there:

- How to create a resources page on their website where they em the videos we produce to build their Google SEO.
- How to set up Facebook retargeting ads using these videos and select the right videos for those ads.

The idea is that you have one cost item and one activity every month to create these 8 videos that solve multiple of your marketing channels and platforms.

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