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How to Save Your Sales Team Time

Most sales reps, after they had a conversation with a qualified prospect that didn't close, they put that prospect onto some kind of follow-up cadence.

Meaning, every 1-3 months they will “check back in” via email to see if that prospect is ready to buy now.

The idea is to stay top of mind with them.

But those “circling back” emails are a pretty annoying email to get.

Here’s the substitute for that:

Create meaningful content for your target audience.

Suppose you are putting out regular content on your LinkedIn, YouTube, or in an email newsletter to those prospects by connecting with them on LinkedIn or adding them to your email list.

By doing that, you’re automatically staying top of mind with them.

Not only that, it feels better to the prospect because they get content that teaches them how to do their job better and overcome their problems in the area you are an expert in.

It helps you build trust and rapport with those people, rather than just annoying them every 3 months with emails saying, “Hey, just checking back in.”

- saves your sales reps’ time
- provides value to the prospects
- builds trust and rapport

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