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How to Sell Without Being Pushy or Salesy

Stop asking your salespersons to spam people.

Here’s why:

Even though it might help you meet your sales targets in the short run, your salespeople will eventually get disillusioned by going through tonnes of low-quality leads.

That will diminish the energy they need to close a deal.

That’s why when I was in sales, I went to restaurants where my target audience hung out and tried to have a genuine conversation with them.

And then, if they were interested in what I was selling, I’d pitch them my solution.

If not, perfect. At least, I built a relationship with someone who might need me in the future or recommend me to someone.

You can do the same at scale with content.

You can connect with people by telling your story and sharing your insights.

As a prospect, I might not engage with you right now.

But when I need to know more, I will reach out to you.

That’s when you’d be in a much better position to close the deal than you were if you had spammed me with cold emails.

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