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How to Stand Out on LinkedIn in 2023

Do you want to stand out on LinkedIn in 2023?

Combine inbound and outbound strategies to make the most of the platform.

I see this mistake quite a lot:

Some people consider Linkedin as an inbound platform. They post content and then hope that someone goes to the website and purchases for them.

Other people consider Linkedin as an inbound channel. They send all kinds of cold messages and use the platform as a sales channel.

Neither of those approaches is wrong. But to stand out on LinkedIn, you must combine both and treat LinkedIn like a 24/7 networking event.

Here's how:

1️⃣ Posting

Create and publish original content between 2-5 times a week. This can be image posts, text posts, video posts, carousels, or, best, a combination.

But don't just post a picture of your breakfast. All of these should be aimed at adding value to your audience by sharing insights, lessons, tips, tricks, and tools.

2️⃣ Connecting

Connecting with people is a more outbound approach.

Use Sales Navigator and the LinkedIn search function to find people who are potential buyers based on the job title and industry that they work in.

When connecting with people, don't only send generic messages. Take the time to look at their profile and connect with them by saying something in the connection request you saw in their profile.

3️⃣ Commenting

Engage with the content of industry experts, potential customers, current customers, or other people in your industry by leaving thoughtful comments: Give pushback, share your own 2 cents, or add on top of the argument.

This will do 2 things for you:
1. Building connections with relevant people.
2. Generating content ideas. You can even turn your comment into a standalone post if it gets many likes.

4️⃣ Messaging

Reply to messages that people send you, but also be proactive. If you see a piece of content you liked, reach out and let the person know.

Think of it like a big networking event. If someone says an interesting thing during a networking event, you're not going to nod your head and move on.

Instead, you're going to go back and forth by
- sharing your own thoughts,
- pushing back or adding to it,
- asking them why they think so,
- asking them about current trends,
- asking them what they are excited about,
- asking them how they got into the industry.

This will also serve as a market research tool. By actively engaging in conversation, you constantly have a pulse on what other people care and think about.

5️⃣ Taking it off the platform

Not everything that starts on LinkedIn has to stay on LinkedIn. Meet people for coffee, schedule a zoom call, or meet at a networking event if you're both in the same city.

➡️ Treat LinkedIn like a 24/7 networking event by combining inbound and outbound strategies, and you'll stand out in 2023.

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