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How to Streamline Creating Content

How do you *consistently* put out content without it taking up too much time or headspace?

One big problem a lot of founders, CEOs, solopreneurs, freelancers, etc. face when creating content is finding time for all the different tasks involved.

Because “creating content” is not just one big task, it’s many different tasks:
- Ideation content topics
- Recording videos
- Editing videos
- Writing copy
- Posting the content
- Engaging, answering comments and messages

All of these things demand different skills, different parts of the brain and a different headspace. Constantly switching between them for every piece of content is the reason it takes up more time and headspace than it should.

To solve it, batch tasks and do them separately.For example, you can ideate all your content in one sitting, then record all videos in another, and so on.

That way you ensure that you can stay consistent with your content.

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