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How to Write a LinkedIn Post

Here’s the most practical way to write a LinkedIn post:

Think of a question worth answering – that you *and* other people care about – and then answer it. That’s your LinkedIn post.

If you have a company, you could answer very specific or technical question your prospects and customers care about.

You could answer more general social questions: how to improve the political system or how to reduce inequality, etc.

Make sure that you’re either qualified to answer that question by having experience in that area, or at least have an interesting, unique take on it.

Here is how questions generally look like:
- How to do X?
- How to improve Y?
- Why does Z work this way?

Here are 2 more things that you should keep in mind:

1️⃣ Good LinkedIn posts come from good copywriting

So read books like “The Elements of Style” to learn the principles that make the difference between good copy and bad copy. Then practice.

Once you do that, writing good posts will be easier.

2️⃣ There’s no optimal length of a post

LinkedIn has a 3000-character limit, but the length of the post depends on what you want to talk about:

Do you want to make a little joke? Or do you want to break down a complex topic?

You can use as many words as you need to address that topic. But not more. That’s what conciseness is: not as few words as possible, but as few words as possible to get your message across.

Overall, don’t try to engineer the *perfect* LinkedIn post.

Just write a post that answers a question – using the principles of good copywriting.

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