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How Transparency Is an Underutilized Marketing Asset

Want to shorten your sales cycles?

Here's how: Be shamelessly transparent - upfront!

The go-to content marketing strategy in the b2b environment seems to be:

"Let's just say a little about our product and processes so we can have long sales calls with our prospects once they reach out to us."

One of the key things you want to achieve through content is building trust with your prospects - not to confuse them.

So don't overcomplicate things and send your potential customers on an expedition, hoping to find the holy grail for all their companies' problems.

Instead, be transparent in your content and tell them upfront
- what exactly your product does.
- what exactly your processes are.

Give them as much information as possible so that they can ask tangible questions in the sales call and make better and quicker decisions for their business.

In the end, time is not money.
Time is time, and no one can replace it.

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