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How We Come up with Topics for Customers

Here’s how we generate relevant topics for clients in all kinds of different B2B industries (SaaS, healthcare, construction, blockchain…) even though we’re not experts in these industries ourselves:

1. Onboarding questionnaire:

Whenever we onboard a new customer, the first thing they do is fill out our onboarding questionnaire which digs into the company (mission, culture, core values, etc. ), the founder’s background (the founding story, their interest and hobbies, etc.), the solution (what pain points it solves, how it works, features, etc.) and the customer profiles (industries, job titles, company sizes, their fears and desires, etc.).

The only way we can ideate content that is relevant to your prospects is by deeply understanding all of these aspects upfront. It’s quite an extensive questionnaire.

2. Defining the content pillars:

Based on your answers, we build out your content pillars to create the 3 types of trusts needed to shorten your sales cycle:
1. Subject-matter expertise: Insights, how-to’s, tips, tricks, strategies, etc.
2. Company/culture: Company updates, new hires, new features, etc.
3. Rapport/personal: Anecdotes, hobbies, side-projects, personal lessons, etc.

3. Coming up with questions:

We use those content pillars to come up with questions for you. We never put words into your mouth. You’re the expert, not we. Our job is to come up with pointed questions that extract the knowledge and expertise you already have and put it into a cohesive form.

On the recording sessions, we ask you these questions and coach you on how to deliver the answers most effectively (imagine it like an interview).

We take care of all the backend tasks (editing, copywriting, publishing) from there.

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