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How We Make Recording Sessions Feel Like a Conversation

I try to make content recording calls with clients feel like they are having a conversation.

Here’s how:

I don’t go into recording immediately.

If it’s a client we have been working with for some time, I will spend the 1st 5-10 mins:
- talking about how we’re doing
- following up on a conversation we had

If I’m recording with a client for the 1st time, I will spend some time getting to know:
- them as a person and their vibe
- how they speak
- how they feel on camera
- what kind of energy they have

With so many external factors influencing how we feel on a particular day, we’re not always ready to jump on the video.

So by first engaging them in a conversation, I get them into the zone of speaking what’s on their mind.

They can also feed off of my energy for the videos, if needed, to enhance their performance.

This way, they feel that they are having a conversation instead of being interviewed.

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