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I Posted 2 Versions of the Same Post on LinkedIn, One of Them Got 5x More Traction

I posted 2 versions of the same post on LinkedIn, one of them got 5x more traction.

3 reasons why (I think) that is:

1. The first 3-5 lines of your copy are the most important because they will determine whether people will click “see more”. Rule of thumb: Spend 80% of your time writing a post on those first couple of lines.

2. Try to *lead* with the value or your core message/belief. Don’t give too much framing or context before getting into the meat, you will lose people before they get a chance to get to the value.

3. Always keep experimenting and feel free to post 2 different versions of the same post (A/B test) to see what resonates most with your audience.

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