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If You Could Only Create 4 Videos, What Should Those Be?

Here are the 4 most important videos every company should create:

1. The Founding Story

Told from the perspective of the founder:
- How did this whole thing come to be?
- How did you discover the problem that your company now solves?
- What’s your relevant background that led you to discover that problem or be qualified to solve it?
- Some of the milestones & accomplishments since founding

2. The Problem You Solve

Describe, in detail, what pain points and frustrations your prospects were dealing with before they found you. Don’t brainstorm this stuff. Ask your customers what problems they were facing before they found you.

Then explain it in the video in their own words so that people can relate to it and recognize themselves in it.

3. The Process (solution)

Explain the step-by-step process you take customers through from the moment they sign the contract to the moment they achieve their promised results.

- What is your solution? Is it a software platform or a service? A combination of both?
- What does your onboarding process look like?
- What touchpoints do they have with your company?
- Who are the people that they're going to be interacting with?
- What do you need from them?
- What are the deliverables at each stage?
- How long does this whole thing take?

4. The Core Concept

What’s that core concept/principle/rule that illuminates why what you do works in the first place? What is the reason why what you do matters?

For example, our core concept at Project 33 is the 7-hour rule: You need to spend 7 hours with your prospects before they’re able to buy from you, and content is a way to automate that.

These are the 4 evergreen videos I would focus on if I could only create four videos. You can use them on your:
- social media (LinkedIn, YouTube, etc.),
- website (homepage or about page),
- marketing collateral,
- sales process, follow up sequences, etc.

And you can probably use these videos for 2 years before you have to update them again. That’s some real high ROI.

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