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Importance of Coaching in Our Content Creation

Having someone to coach you can improve the quality of your videos dramatically.

Creating content doesn't come naturally to many people.

Even though you may know your stuff really well, putting that information effectively on video requires a totally different skillset that you need to train for.

The easiest way to go about it is having a coach who knows how to get the best out of you by:

- making you feel comfortable when recording videos
- making sure that you don't stumble on your words or repeat yourself
- keeping you on the topic
- helping you get your creative juices flowing
- helping you identify examples and theses for your content
- understanding your knowledge and expertise

It's almost like teaching a kid in school.

When the kid says, "I can't do it," it needs a tutor to tell him, "I know that you know this. You got this!"

At Project 33, we cater personalized coaching to our clients when recording videos.

Each of our clients is unique and responds differently. That's why every coaching call is different.

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