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Is Content Creation a Skill?

Content creation is not ONE skill.

You need different sub-skills to create different kinds of content.

Because there’s different types of content in terms of format: text, audio, or video.

There’s different types in terms of format placement: content for your website blog, YouTube or Tiktok videos, content for your email newsletter, etc.

And finally, it differs in terms of purpose: Do you want to entertain people? Or do you want to sell a $100,000 software product to Heads of Supply Chain?

There is no one “content creation skill” that allows you to do everything.

But you can get better at the sub-skills.

The most fundamental of them is copywriting because it applies to almost everything in content creation:

- writing text posts,
- scripting video outlines,
- structuring an intro for a podcast,
- rewriting the tagline on your website, and
- so on.

So, focus on learning the principles that make good copy (eg. read the book “The Elements of Style”).

Then you can decide the content you want to create for a specific platform – LinkedIn, Tiktok, or YouTube – and learn their respective best practices.

Finally, it all comes down to getting better at it.

So, make some content, put it out in the world, and see if it did the thing you wanted it to do.

Tthen reiterate. Practice makes perfect.

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