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Lessons From Working With Clients’ Marketing Teams

Setting clear boundaries is key while collaborating with external marketing teams.

Here’s why:

We got a customer who brought their marketing team on board.

And we weren’t prepared to work with them because we usually work with founders and CEOs directly.

While we have processes and checklists for *everything* and continue to build them, we didn’t have the ones to set the right expectations on what we will deliver and the input they’ll bring to the table.

So this opportunity has made us understand the importance of collaboration and helped us improve our processes.

One example of this collaboration is that through the feedback and guidance we got from the marketing team of one of our customers we were able to solve an issue we had been trying to solve for a long time.

I can comfortably say that while we’ve learned a lot from them, they have also been able to learn from us and our expertise..

Therefore, The big takeaway is that collaboration with external teams offers a lot of opportunities to learn, but setting clear communication and boundaries is essential.

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