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Main Ingredients of a Good B2B Podcast

You need 2 things to produce a good podcast:

1. the knowledge of things that your prospects care about, and
2. the expertise to talk about them and give relevant insights.

So, you need a subject-matter expert at the core of your podcast because they have the necessary insight to address your buyer’s needs, questions, and problems.

But if you create a podcast with your Marketing Manager talking about surface-level stuff, it won’t work for you.

I’m also noticed that I started to actually search stuff on Spotify.

When the recession started to hit and there was talk about it a couple of months ago, I wanted to find content from experienced founders and CEOs who have been through a recession before so I could learn their takeaways on how to adjust your company strategy.

I searched on Youtube, and most videos I found were random stuff by people who clearly weren’t qualified.

So I went to Spotify’s podcast section and searched there, for the first time ever. And I actually found something, a podcast by Y Combinator.

My prediction is that Podcast SEO or Spotify SEO will become just as much of a thing as currently Google SEO or Youtube SEO are.

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