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Marketing Is the Wingman for B2B Sales

Why do I hate sales?

Because there is a stigma:

Sales has to do the work that marketing should be doing.

I've worked in sales for many years in many different fields, and I understand its importance: No relationship without selling.

At the base, sales is teaching.

It's the transfer of information that someone needs to understand if the solution fits the company's problem.

This happens on 2 levels:
1/ On a personal level, between the salesperson and decision maker.
2/ On an informational level of who you are and your product.

Now, a person needs to spend 7 hours with the decision maker to sell a complex explanatory product in b2b.

If your salesperson has to spend all those 7 hours with the decision maker, it will take 700 hours to sell to 100 customers.

Those are way too many hours to do a job that marketing can do for you.

In today's world, we have MULTIPLE ways of gaining and transferring information.

You can directly talk to someone personally and fulfill the 7 hours by creating content, whether written, on video, or AI-generated animations.

This way, you deliver the knowledge that people need to buy your product and let your salesperson do what sales should be all about:

Answering questions and building cool relationships with your prospects.

It doesn't mean that you need fewer people
It doesn't mean that it's going to cost you less.

But it means that your input will create a greater output.

➡️ Takeaway:

The salesperson of today shouldn't be required to do all the work.
The salesperson of today needs to leverage marketing to automate most of it.

Let your marketing do the bulk of the work so your salesperson can effectively close faster and bigger deals for your business.

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