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Marketing Teams, Stop Looking for Perfection!

Creative marketing teams need to stop chasing perfection!

Here’s why:

When I used to work as a photographer, I wanted everything to be perfect.

So nothing ever got done – projects got delayed, and opportunities were missed!

The same happens to most creative marketing teams; they spend too much time and money perfecting the tiniest details in their content – the lighting, the script, the graphics, the colors, the messaging, and so on.

But perfectionism is non-existent in content marketing because opportunities move very quickly in B2B industries.

For example, if you’re creating content on a specific trend in the market and you spend too much time trying to make it perfect, the opportunity will pass.

You’ll be beaten by someone who isn’t looking for perfection!

So if you want to create content for your LinkedIn or company website, focus on creating content that’s 80-90% perfect – that says exactly what needs to be said, most efficiently.

But stop looking for complete perfection!

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