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My Wife Called Me Out on My Sales Call Approach

2 weeks ago, my wife called me out after a sales call 👇

"Do you really want these people to buy from you? Because you didn't sound excited about having them when you were on the call."

After getting defensive a bit, I thought about it: She was right! (she always is 🙄)

I've been following Josh Braun's advice lately to detach from the outcome. The idea is to not expect every prospect to close.

It helped me because it protected me from the frustration if a prospect decides not to go with our offer.

But I went a little too extreme into it. I realized I was conflating two things:

You should be transparent about your offer that it’s not a perfect solution that will somehow magically solve their whole busines for them. And you should tell people when you think you’re not a good fit, because they are not a point yet where investing into your solution is the right decision.

BUT that doesn’t mean that IF someone is a good fit and has the right pieces in place, that you should tell them and fight for them.

I was so detached from the outcome that I missed the energy and excitement for closing a deal.

So I made the switch 2 weeks ago, and it feels great to bring that excitement back into the sales calls.

I’m still transparent and explain the risks and tell a prospect if our product doesn’t make sense for them at this point.

It's not about faking it or expecting every customer to close. It's about communicating the excitement when there's a genuine fit.

The lesson I learned is: Detach from the outcome, but not too much.

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