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One Key Lesson From Our Onboarding Process

We have a questionnaire that every customer fills out during onboarding.

It extracts everything we need to create good content for a founder:

- their customer profiles,
- what their solution looks like, & how it works,
- their company story, culture, mission
- etc. etc.

Even though we create videos for founders, it’s oftentimes their Head of Marketing or Head of Branding who fill out the questionnaire.

We noticed 2 clear differences when the head of marketing/brand fills it out instead of the founder:

1. The founder’s perspective is missing.

They have personal experiences, preferences, and ways of talking about the same things.

As it’s the founder in the videos, we need to understand these things from their perspective.

2. We get surface-level answers.

It's not that the head of marketing or branding fills it out wrongly.

But no one understands their market, solution and prospects in the same depth as the founder.

The whole idea behind our offer/process is to make creating videos as easy for the founders as possible.

But in the end, to create content that cuts through the noise, it’s the founders that need to provide the key insights by filling out the onboarding questionnaire.

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