People Don't Get Work Done At Work Anymore

We live in a culture where we’re not getting work done at work anymore so

I’m making 3 major changes to how we work at Project33:

1. Killing the asap culture:
I’ve made it clear to my team that if I ping them, they don’t need to get back to me within the next hour. The day of or next day is good enough. For *true* emergencies, I can call them.

2. Moving to Basecamp:
Since I resonate with their philosophy of getting work done at work, we are moving our project management from Monday to Basecamp.

3. Getting rid of Slack:
So that our work days don’t seem like a crazy mosaic of interruptions, I’m planning to move back to email (yes, I know), which is slower - but, unlike Slack, it makes people write in cohesive thoughts with full sentences and paragraphs.

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