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Posting to LinkedIn Pages vs Personal Profiles

“Should I post my content on my LinkedIn company page or my personal profile?”

Different people have different opinions: some say that reach on personal profiles is better, and some prefer company pages.

But there is no reason to be exclusive. So my answer: post to both.

That’s what we do for ourselves and all of our customers.

You can post the same content to both places.

For example, Jay and I both create videos for ourselves and post them on our respective LinkedIn profiles. Videos likes the one you’re watching right now.

And then, we post the same videos on our Project 33 company page.

With the exception of the ones where we talk about personal topics, like me getting married, etc. But all of our SME content goes to the company page.

Important though: Don’t post videos on your personal profile and reshare them to your company page or the other way around – *upload* the video file natively on both places.

Why post to company pages even though personal profiles perform better (roughly 5x times better)?

Because you never know how the LinkedIn algorithm will change.

LinkedIn might start prioritizing company pages at some point again.

So don’t wait until that point to start scrambling because you don’t have a content strategy for your company page yet.

It’s not either or, it’s both.

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