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Repurposing My LinkedIn Videos as Facebook Ads

Most people don’t know this little trick to repurpose their LinkedIn content into Facebook ads.

The best part: It almost costs no money and runs on autopilot.

Here it goes:

1. Install a Facebook Pixel on your website.

(Most companies already have it installed without being aware of it. If you don’t, it literally takes 2 minutes to set up)

2. Then set up a Facebook retargeting ad using your LinkedIn content:

- Client case studies, and
- Your best-performing educational videos

The whole thing takes 30-60mins!

Now Facebook will show this educational content (not pitches or product features) to people who visited your website, allowing you to stay of top mind with them.

3. Depending on how many website visitors, and most B2B companies who are not yet running ads don’t get a lot, you might get away with spending less than $100 in ad spend per month to keep it running.

With $50 CPM (cost per 1000 impressions), we’re spending $25 a month, given we have ~500 visitors/month as a small business.

So now, I have a machine running that shows my prospects a relevant educational or case study video every week on autopilot – for virtually no effort or cost.

This is my first time running FB ads, so let me know what I’m missing.

P.S. Shoutout to Alex Heeg for showing me this!!

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