Role of Technology in Company Culture

Founders often underestimate the importance of technology when building a culture.

When building a company culture, we mostly think about behavior:

- what to provide to make employees feel comfortable
- how to make work more inclusive and fun
- how to avoid micromanagement

But we completely forget about the technologies we use every day:

- product management tools
- email software and templates
- data storage system
- the UX of used products or technology
- etc. etc.

They have a huge impact on your company's culture.

Each of those technologies communicates something to your employees.


At Project 33, we stopped using Monday and Slack a year ago (and switched to Basecamp instead).

It’s because these tools come with their own preinstalled culture settings by favoring micromanagement and an ASAP-mentality.

If that fits your company's philosophy, fine! If not, there are better tools to use that support your philosophy.

The same goes for complicated technologies. They are sending a clear message to your employees that you don’t care about them and that you don’t want to make their job easy and comfortable.

Choosing the wrong tools might make your employees feel neglected.

Instead, consciously choose technologies that match your company's philosophy.

That's how you build a solid company culture.