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Sales Lessons I’ve Learned From Building Project 33

I’m currently still doing all the sales for Project 33 myself and I have *way* fewer sales calls than most other people and companies at our scale (7 people, $45k MRR).

Oftentimes I have 3 demos in a week – and that’s it.

And I know I’m beating my own drum here, but I really believe it’s because of all the content we’re putting out and the brand/following I’m building.

Before I hop on a first sales call with someone, they usually already know:
- what we do
- what our price point is
- what our process looks like
- what content is and how it fits in their business
- our case studies, etc.

And because it’s me in the videos, they also:
- know who I am
- like and trust me (generally, not always 😂)
- see me as a little bit of an authority when it comes to content

That’s why we have higher win rates and shorter sales cycles while having ~5x less sales calls than other people who are at a similar company size/revenue.

It’s reassuring to know that if we had to close shop and I had to start over with something completely different, I’d know how to sell.

Whatever I’d do next, I’d definitely keep putting out content and put my face out on whichever platforms will be relevant then.

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