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Should You Post Your B2B Content Only on LinkedIn?

What is the best platform for B2B content marketing?

The platform where your buyers spend time.

Let me explain:

We used to work with a construction company that helped schools and universities with waterproofing.

When we asked them about their target audience, they said it’s the founders and CEOs of development companies.

We further asked them whether these people were on LinkedIn; they said yes, and we started posting on LinkedIn for them.

Later, we realized that it’s the Contruction Site Mangers and Superintendents of these development companies – who are at the construction site 24/7 – who sourced and decided on who does the waterproofing.

The CEOs only signed the deal.

So Contruction Site Mangers actually drove the buying decision from the bottom up, and we could see with Sales Navigator that they weren’t active on LinkedIn.

So in this case, it didn’t make sense to post on Linkedin.

But for 80% of B2B companies, LinkedIn is the best channel.

Your prospects spend time on other platforms as well because they’re normal people.

They probably spend time on YouTube and Instagram after work; they listen to podcasts and scroll Twitter every now and then.

So, find a platform where your buyers spend time and focus on that.

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