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Skill vs. Attitude: What We Hire For

Project 33 hires for attitude, not for skills.

Here’s why:

I have been recording employee case studies with my teammates (which we’re very excited to share in the future).

I asked everyone:

“What do you enjoy the most about the work we do for our clients?”

“I get to learn from the industry leaders.” was the resounding answer.

So, I’ve been able to pinpoint that we hire more for the learning attitude a person has than their skills:

- Bruna didn’t have the needed skills for the Project Manager role, but we hired her because she loved learning.
- Sven didn’t have the writing skills, but we hired him for the same reason.
- Nandan used to work with Saurabh to learn writing and then joined us to write at a much higher level.

So, when you’re hiring, look for people with the right attitude that adds value to the work you do as a company.

That way, you’ll be able to train them better for the needed skills.

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