Stop Creating Corporate-Like Videos

Corporate videos are unprofessional!

Here’s why:

The biggest sign of professionalism is being authentic.

And you can’t be authentic if you are being the bullshit your Board of Directors and stakeholders want you to be.

And it is biased to assume that being your real self will drive the stock market down.

Take Elon Musk, for example.

Half the time, he is saying shit that should get him canceled!

But his business ventures are highly admired.

Because he is open—he says what he means!

Corporate responsibility is all about doing the right thing.

If you have to hide what you’re doing behind words that mean absolutely nothing, more than likely, you're not doing the right thing.

So DON’T go the corporate route to create your content.

Be authentic.

Be what you’re in front of your friends and employees.

Because that way, you will build your brand as someone who is honest and unapologetic for what they believe in.

The market is huge! Even if some people don’t like you, the right ones will buy from you.

So, it’s irrelevant who you are:

- A small startup founder

- A medium-sized business owner

- A CEO of a fortune 500

Create content that is authentic and adds value to your potential clients.

And remember: authenticity is real professionalism.

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