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Stop Sending Out Blog Posts to Cold Prospects

Marketers be like: "You should put a valuable piece of content in your cold email!"

2 reasons why I disagree:

1️⃣ It's not relevant

Marketers usually mean attaching one of your blog posts to your mail signature..

This blog post is often not at all “valuable” to the person you're selling to.

2️⃣ It's the wrong timing

When I first get to know a company, I don't care about some "valuable content."

Instead, I want to know in as simple words as possible:
- what this company does
- whom they help
- what they help them with

Based on this information, I can quickly decide whether it's worth it for me to keep engaging or not.

Because if they solve something that I don't care about, we don't need to do this whole back and forth dance of cold messages and follow-ups anymore.

➡️ Here's what I added to my email signature instead:

Just the phrase “What We Do” that links to a 3min video where I explain exactly, in simple terms, what Project 33 is, whom we help, and what we help them with.

After a prospect qualifies, *then* you can think about sending valuable content–if they opted in.

But before you establish this first interest, your prospects won't engage with it.

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