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Stop Trying to Create Short Videos

Too many B2B marketing departments are trying to create short videos for the sake of short videos.

And that’s a problem. Here’s why:

The shorter the video, the less nuance you can communicate.

We often hear this when we talk to marketing teams: “We want every video to be less than 2 minutes” Why? “Because people’s attention spans are short and they won’t watch anything longer than that.”

Yes, it’s true that you will get more people to watch your video to the end if it’s shorter – by definition. So short videos generally get more engagement.

But B2B products are usually complex. And so you need to be able to communicate nuance when you explain how your product works, how to implement it, what the different benefits are, what the challenges are, etc.

And sometimes it takes you 6 minutes to properly explain something like that.

So if your goal is to only have videos shorter than 2 minutes, you will skip on these topics. Or you will only explain them at a surface level that in a B2B buying environment will just not do.

The goal of creating only short videos is holding a lot of B2B companies from communicating nuance, depth, and real expertise.

Instead, the goal should be to make the video as short as possible – by avoiding rambling, repetition, or unnecessary examples – while getting everything across you need to get across.

➡️In short, you need to focus on communicating the subject-matter, not on the length of the videos!

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