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Talk About What You're Passionate About

The other day, I watched a 7-MIN LONG video by Gary Vaynerchuk about sports cards.

I don’t collect sports cards, and I wouldn’t say I’m particularly interested in the topic.

But still, I watched the whole f*cking video, beginning to end.

It reminded me of something we see when creating content for clients & myself:

To engage other people in your videos, you need to be genuinely excited about the topic you’re talking about.

What matters more than talking about something your audience cares about is to talk about something YOU care about. Even if they aren’t into that thing, your body language and tonality, your EXCITEMENT, is what will pull people in.

On the other hand, if you talk about something your audience cares about but you don’t, people aren’t going to engage with it as much because they can sense that you’re faking it.

Talk about topics you care about, and your audience will care about them too.

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