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The Frequency-Depth Slider for B2B Content

B2B companies can't just post memes as their content strategy.

Here’s why:

As you increase the price of your solution, you need to:
- reach fewer people
- but build more trust with them.

So a B2C product could be priced at $30, but B2B solutions could range from $10,000 to $10 million.

As you move the slider from a $30 to $10 million solution, the content you need to create needs to have more depth and expertise in it to build deeper trust.

But because fewer people can afford the solution as the price increases, you can decrease the content frequency as you don’t need to reach as many people.

This is what I call the Frequency-Depth Slider for content.

B2C companies can post 5 memes/day because they need to reach a lot of people, but they don’t need to build a lot of trust for someone to spend $30 with them.

On the flip side, take the example of Howard Marks.

He’s the co-founder and president of Oaktree Capital, an investment fund that has $260 billion AUM.

Here’s Oaktree’s content strategy: Howard Markes writes a 10-page memo once a month – about his thoughts on the current market conditions, where things are going, how to evaluate the stock market, etc.

It’s very low frequency (1/month) with a loooot of depth, and people love it! (Even Warren Buffett says that he stops everything he’s doing when there’s a new memo from Marks)

Most B2B companies have $10,000 to $1M deal sizes, and they fall somewhere in the middle of the 2 extremes:

- You don't need to post 5 times a day but more often than once a month.
- You need more than just memes, but you don’t have to spend hours on hours writing a 10-page memo.

So what could your content strategy be?

At Project 33 for example, we help B2B companies create 8 videos a month that are each 2-5 mins long. You demonstrate more expertise in a 3min video than in a meme, but it’s low effort enough that you can churn out eight of them every month.

There is no general calculation to determine your exact content frequency and depth ratio.

The Frequency-Depth Slider is just a framework to think about your content strategy based on the price of your solution.

➡️ The baseline is: If your solution costs $150,000 and you’re posting memes, you’re probably doing something wrong!

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