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The 3 Ingredients You Need to Create Good Content

Here are the 3 ingredients (listed hierarchically) for good content:

1. Solid communication skills

If it’s a video, you need good oratory skills. If it’s a written post, you need good copywriting skills.

No matter how good your insights are, if you can’t communicate them effectively to your audience, it doesn’t matter.

2. Having “meat”

You have to talk about topics your audience *actually* cares about (not what you *think* they should care about).

Your insight needs to be new and relevant to your target audience. If it’s anything new, at least add specific examples or share a personal anecdote.

3. Platform-specific requirements

You have to understand the best practices of the platform you are on.

For example: LinkedIn’s character limit is 1,300. On Instagram, it’s 2,200 characters.

Your sentences on LinkedIn need to be short and crisp as most people consume it on their phone.

But you can use longer sentences and paragraphs on Medium where most people read on desktop.

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