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The 3 Types of Trust

There are 3 types of trust you need to establish with your prospects before they can buy from you.

They need to trust that:
1. you know what you’re talking about (Subject-matter expertise)
2. you can get the results you’re promising (Credibility)
3. they will like working with you (Rapport)

Traditionally, you did it via 1on1 engagement with the prospects – which is time-consuming. Emails, meetings, dinners, multiple calls, going golfing with them, etc.

Here’s how you can automate building these 3 types of trust via content:

- Subject-matter expertise: Take the questions your prospects ask you in sales meetings and record your answers as 3-minute videos.

- Credibility: You can establish it directly by sharing case studies and customer interviews or indirectly by sharing your company’s growth (e.g., hiring posts).

- Rapport: Create content that talks about things you’re excited about, your hobbies and side projects, anecdotes from your professional life, etc., to make yourself relatable, a real person.

These can be in the form of LinkedIn videos, podcasts, blog articles, email newsletters, tweets, etc.

You can reuse and recycle the content over and over.

And people can consume it at their own time, in their preferred format.

Create content, build trust on autopilot.

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