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The 3 Types of Trust that Make People Buy from You

There are 3 types of trust you need to establish with prospects in B2B:

1️⃣ People need to trust that you know what you’re talking about. If you’re a Cybersecurity Consultant, your prospects need to know that you’re an expert on cybersecurity. In the end, that’s what they’re hiring you for.

2️⃣ People need to trust that you can deliver on your promises. You need to demonstrate that you’ve successfully helped people or companies achieve the things you promise them. Without it, all the subject-matter expertise content is just empty talk.

3️⃣ People need to trust that they’ll like working with you. Especially in B2B when you enter into long-term partnerships with your customers that can last months or years. So, they need to validate that there is some baseline rapport.

Traditionally, B2B companies build the 3 types of trust through 1:1 calls. Which works, but doesn’t scale.

Luckily can build each of the 3 types of trust *at scale* using these 3 content categories:

1️⃣ Subject-matter expertise:

Create content where you share your knowledge, expertise and insights. Talk about best practices in your field, trends within your industry, solve problems, etc. So people can see that you’re an expert.

2️⃣ Case studies & testimonials:

Ideally, it’s a video of your customer talking about the results they’ve gotten by using your product or service. Post it on social, put it on your website, send it our in your email followups, etc. to establish that you can deliver on your promises.

3️⃣ Personal stories:

Companies often overlook this one in their content. Think about this content as the equivalent of what happens during the first 5-10 minutes of a sales call when you’re doing small talk. What are you up to? What new skills are you learning in your free time? What’s getting you excited these days? Makes you more relatable and builds rapport with people – even before they hop on the first call with you.

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