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The Asset Value of a Charismatic CEO

If you have a naturally charismatic CEO, you better figure out how to leverage them.

Every company has a need for communication. You need to communicate things to your customers, prospects, employees, investors, partners, etc.

Things like new product launches, new hires, new funding rounds, the growth you’re experiencing, the learnings you’re making, new offices you’re opening up……

Different companies go about communicating these things in different ways: website blogs, media news sections, newsletters, via PR agencies.

But I would argue, there is no better person to communicate these things than your CEO.

If you look at Fortune 500 companies, it’s often the CEO who is the spokesperson of the company. It’s literally their main job. (maybe too much so)

They give interviews on CNN, hold keynotes, talk to shareholders, represent the company at big events, etc.

Steve Jobs is a great example. He was *the most* charismatic CEO, and @Apple knew how to leverage him. He was the front line of communication, talking to journalists, giving interviews, holding the keynotes for new product launches.

People could have said: "His time is so valuable. He shouldn't be on stage and talking to journalists."

But clearly, it worked out. You can see the impact it has had on the company’s brand. We all remember the videos of him releasing the iPhone or iPod.

A CEO should focus on what they’re best at. So if you have a naturally charismatic CEO, you better figure out a process to put that person in front of the camera and have them talk.

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