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The Best Way to Be Comfortable on Camera

Not every person is born to perform in front of the camera.

We see this with our clients all the time.

1️⃣ We have clients who are immediately camera-ready.

They know what to say, speak comfortably, and have the right energy.

2️⃣ Others have doubts and insecurities.

They ask themselves:
Am I saying the right thing?
Do I sound correct?
How do I look?

Recording a video can be nerve-racking - I’ve been there.

I remember when I first met Finn, he told me to do a LinkedIn video.

I said, "No, I’m usually behind the camera. I don't do this."

Yet today I have him here with him recording this video.

That's why it's such a beneficial factor to have someone there with you.

It can be someone like us on a call or somebody from your team who:
Makes you feel comfortable
Asks you questions
Gets your creative juices flowing
Reassures you to be authentic
Gives you constructive feedback

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