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The Best Way to Communicate Your USP

I had a sales call with the SVP of Sales of a big software company that faces a problem many B2B companies face:

There is a lot of nuance in their communication with prospects, but those nuances are really important to get across.

In this specific case, they have a disruptive pricing model that can radically improve telcos’ margins (they’re selling to telcos).

Once their prospects understand it and the penny drops, they usually go “woah that's brilliant".

But it often takes them multiple engagements to properly explain this nuance in their pricing.

That's a big problem.

It means they lose every prospect that doesn't get to a 2nd or 3rd call.

Here’s what to do about it:

1. Record a video explaining this little but important nuance about your product or solution.

The key is to create it from the angle of "what's in it for them."

In this case, don't title it: "Our pricing model."

Call it: "How telcos can radically improve their margins."

Your prospects don't care about your pricing structure. They care about their margins.

If you position it that way, your prospects will watch the video.

You can send it to all the decision-makers who can watch it on their own time. It will reduce your sales cycle by directly communicating the little nuances that differentiate you.

2. Keep talking about it in different ways and from different angles.

Build the most substantial benefits of your product into your communication strategy.

Don't just make 1 video or write 1 blog post and hope that people find it.

Keep talking about it.

Don't worry that people will get bored (no one watches ALL your videos).

Next time you struggle to communicate an important detail in your sales calls:
- record a video about it
- keep talking about it from different angles

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