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The Best Way to Sell

Here’s a hack that has always given me an unfair advantage in sales:

When a potential client asks, “What do you do?” I just say that I am the Creative Director at Project 33, we’re a content marketing agency.

And then I focus on their pain points — I make the prospect feel like they are the center of the universe!

…until they *drill* me into talking about my services.

When I know enough about them, and the client REALLY wants to know more about my services, their question changes from “What do you do?” to “What can you do to help our company?”

I always try to get to this point because now it’s not me who wants their business.

THEY are the ones who want my services!

I used to do this one-on-one with my clients when I was in New York, working in sales.

It’s amazing that now I work in content marketing and this is exactly what we’re helping our clients do, but at SCALE:
- building trust
- increasing the win rates

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