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The Hidden Benefit of Creating Videos Consistently

Creating videos consistently has a lot of hidden benefits!

(Steven Bartlett talked about it in one of his videos.)

It will make you better at:
- articulating your ideas
- giving a keynote on stage
- presenting ideas to your team
- pitching your investors or Board of Directors
- communicating your solution to your audience and receiving feedback
- remembering important things about your solution while talking to your product team

In fact, many of our customers have expressed that they’ve benefited and learned a lot from creating videos consistently.

For example, Pierce, one of our clients, mentioned how he goes on a walk before a recording session to prepare for it.

He also talked about how creating content consistently gave him a new perspective on his business and day-to-day tasks.

As for myself, I’ve been creating videos for the last two years, but I am still not comfortable doing it.

For example, if you ask me, “What do you do?” in a video setting, I will probably stumble and be real crazy about it!

But when you ask the same question in person, I’ll be able to answer it easily because I have done this in front of the camera repeatedly.

So, it has helped me to become more comfortable talking about things that matter to me.

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