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The Impact of Putting Our Pricing on Our Website

3 months ago, I added a pricing page to our website.

2 observations:

1️⃣ It's been much less of a big deal than I thought it was.

It was on my to-do list for a long time.

But I never did it, probably for the same reason why most B2B companies don't do it:
- “What if our competitors see it?”
- “What if our customers see it before we can prove the value of our offer to them?”
- “What if…...…”

Surprisingly, no one said anything.

Many people don't even look at it and still message me asking how expensive we are.

2️⃣ It saves time and increases the closing rate.

Since we put pricing on our website, we’ve had, subjectively, fewer sales calls.

Which is what I expected and what pricing is supposed to do: filter out all the people who cannot afford us.

That way, I save time by having fewer calls. But the ones I do have are higher quality and close with a higher percentage.

Especially the quality of demos through cold outreach has improved. Because people who come through cold outreach often have very little context about what you do, so they don’t even have an idea of the rough price range they should expect.

Overall: I like it!

I think I’ll keep it on our website.

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