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The Most Common Content Mistake Founders Make

Content marketing is about building your reputation.

For example, building your reputation as the go-to person for this specific thing you do. Which takes time and multiple touchpoints, especially in b2b.

In a month or 2, you might start seeing some traction (likes, comments, website visits, etc.). But for content to really impact your *business*, you need to do it for at least 6-18 months.

Here are 2 things to do to be consistent and see results:


If you don't believe that people watching your content will:
- lead to shorter sales cycles
- differentiate you from the competition
- allow you to charge more
…you’ll post a few videos, see no results, and quit.

So before you start, talk to other people who are posting consistently and see what results they’re getting.


Consistency isn’t just about posting regularly.

You need to start:
- learning the best practices
- trying different things
- gathering feedback
- analyzing the results

Over time, you’ll learn what works and what doesn’t work–for you specifically.

Content is a long-term game.

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