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The Perks of Being Our Own Customer

I'm using the exact same 8 step process to create my own LinkedIn videos that we use for all of our customers:

1. I spent a couple hours to fill out our 55-question onboarding questionnaire.

2. Jay then used that to create my content pillars and come up with questions for me on a weekly basis.

3. Every two weeks, I meet with him to record my videos - 8 videos per month total.

4. Then either Matthew or Tobi edits my videos using the exact same templates we use for customers.

5. Then either Saurabh or Sven writes my video copy using our Copywriting Guidelines.

6. Bruna then internally reviews that content.

7. Then I review it “externally” and add any changes or suggestions if I have any.

8. Once I approved it, Bruna then schedules and posts the videos on my LinkedIn, on our LinkedIn Company Page, and our YouTube channel, sends out a twice-monthly newsletter to our email list and adds it to our content library.

I post 2 videos every week on my Linkedin - same amount that we do for customers.

Using our own product on myself *to a T* might be the most important decision I’ve made. 2 reasons why:

1️⃣ Skin in the game: Using our process on myself shows that I believe in what we're doing.

2️⃣ Direct user feedback: I experience firsthand where things don't go well or could be better. Once I make those changes, they immediately apply to all of our customers.

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