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The Right Way to Do Upsells

Upselling is not about making more money but solving your customers’ problems.

Here’s why:

For most companies, upselling is about generating more revenue.

So when you tell your sales team, “Hey, let’s upsell this client to grow our revenue,” you’re saying that the only thing you care about is money.

That’s why when your team goes out to upsell your clients, they only care about making the sale to get a better commission.

It’s like a guy at a bar desperately trying to get a date.

And being able to see that desperation, the girl is like, “No, don’t talk to me!”

Similarly, when you call your clients to upsell them and say, “I just called you today to talk about this other service that we provide.”

It’s about YOU.

They can hear in your voice that you only care about getting their money, not solving their problem.

I say this all the time:

“People don’t want to be sold on something. They want to be educated on a solution and decide whether they need it or not.”

That’s how buying works.

So, when it comes to upselling, think about the next step: how to solve more problems and provide more value to your clients.

Money will be the end result; it shouldn’t be a goal!

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