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The Role of Content in Your Cold Email Strategy

A lot of people somehow see outbound (cold email, cold calling) and inbound marketing (content) as two separate, distinct channels.

But I think they are much more intertwined than people think.

I made a video a couple of days ago how we generated our first client from cold email. Some people were confused why we would do cold emailing given we’re a content agency.

I don’t see how this would be a contradiction: I use a lot of our content and videos in our cold email strategy.

There are at least 3 ways how we leverage our videos in our outbound:

1️⃣ Cold emails

It's hard to communicate the nuances of a complex b2b product in a 5-sentence cold email.

That's why I link up videos in the email copy which explain:
- the benefits of content marketing
- our product and our process
- case studies of customers

2️⃣ Follow-ups

Usually, interested prospects reply to cold emails with one of the same few questions:
- "How do you come up with topics for me?"
- "Who would write the copy?"
- "What do these videos look like?"

I have a video for each of these questions.

Instead of answering with a long-ass email, I send them the video that answers that question in detail. (Having a searchable content library/database is very useful here)

3️⃣ Website

If something in a cold email resonates with someone, they usually first check out your website, LinkedIn profile, or YouTube channel.

They better find something valuable there! Otherwise, they won't respond to your cold email even if it initially resonated.

That's why we have tons of content on all the platforms.

During sales calls with leads that come through cold emails, I often find out that they got curious because of the cold email but they booked the call because they watched one of our videos and it made sense to them.

That’s why we tell our customers to use the videos we create for them not only on inbound channels like LinkedIn but also in their cold emails, website, customer support, etc.

➡️ It's a common misconception to see inbound and outbound as 2 distinct channels.

They are much more intertwined. They complement each other.

You can use your content more effectively by adding it to your outbound strategy.

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