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The Value of a Good Content Recording Partner

I advise our clients to not make detailed notes for their videos.

Here’s why:

As an industry expert, you know what to say in the videos. You do it perfectly well when you’re on a sales call with a client.

The problem is it’s difficult to get it out in a video setting.

That’s why you need to get a recording partner who can ask you questions like a prospect would.

This will make your recording sessions effortless for you.

You can have a friend or a coworker do it for you. Or you can have some experts coach you to create videos that cut through the noise.

That’s one of our USPs at Project 33!

If you are a B2B founder who’s seriously considering creating content for your marketing strategy, hit us up!

We will make it frictionless and easy for you like we do for every one of our clients.

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